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Pastor Realizes His Western Dreams as Author

Author Dave Broyles

Dave Broyles decided at an early age that the ministry would be his life's vocation, and he has never lost his fascination for stories of the old West. In addition to beinga publised author, Dave  has also held seminars in California regarding the topics of the cults and the occult in America, and has been a conference speaker and guest teacher.
Known for his friendly disposition, sense of humor and love of trivia, Dave is as down to earth as many of his characters are.  He has been an ordained minister for over 35 years and is now the Associate Pastor of Ceres Christian Church near Modesto, California. He and his wife Pam have been married thirty-seven years and live in California.  They have two grown daughters, Christyl who lives with her husband Matt, and son Jacob in Arizona, and is an Admin for a large telecommunications corporation, and Rebecca who is in the entertainment field and lives in Southern California.

From Dave's Desk

Hi! Thank you for visiting my web site. If this is your first visit you may want to start by reading my bio so you can kind of see what I’m all about. Notice the picture at the left of me with my favorite horse, Spud.  I'm the one on the left. 


Most authors do NOT write books for the money, and it’s a good thing!   I began writing simply from the sheer joy of putting thoughts down on paper. People ask me all the time, where did you get the idea for writing your books and plays? The answer: simply from history and from life. Essentially, people haven’t changed since Creation. Whether it’s a fictitious character like Buck Chandler in Miracle at Tombstone trying to make it out of the Dragoon Mountains without being scalped by Apaches, or a more modern character like Miles Templar in my end times play, For Those Who Remain, people are people. They all have the same kinds of problems and dilemmas as everyone else.


If you enjoy westerns, I know you’ll enjoy Miracle at Tombstone and its sequel, Death Rides a Paint Horse. My big buddy Richard  Kiel who shot to fame in the James Bond movies, The Spy Who Loved Me and Moonraker with Roger Mooore, had this to say about my novels: "David Broyles' first novel, Miracle at Tombstone, was an excitng and suspenseful story which kept me guessing until the very end. I am anticipating reading the follow-up novel, Death Rides a Paint Horse, as I am sure it will also be a good read..."  Thanks Richard! You also may want to check out our plays. If you would like to order, all royalties for plays and productions are a flat fee of $25.00 and you may make as many copies as you like. See our price list. Thank you again for visiting, and I hope you enjoy my work!


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