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Buck Chandler Series

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Buck Chandler Series

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Miracle at Tombstone
David Broyles
Nathan “Buck” Chandler is a young gunman who decides to settle down in the rugged town of Tombstone, Arizona in the fall of 1881, just weeks after the infamous gunfight at the O.K. Corral. Though he is determined to forget his turbulent, violent past, he is haunted by nightmares of the death of his mother who was murdered by outlaw Boyd Nolan when Buck was only a boy. He cannot escape the rage inside him or the desire to kill the man who murdered his mother. It is not long before Buck befriends Tom Sullivan and his granddaughter Kathryn, a beautiful Irish Christian with auburn hair and bewitching emerald eyes. As Buck learns the meaning of love and forgiveness, tragedy strikes. In the midst of a showdown, Kathryn takes a bullet that was meant for Buck, and the results are anything but the expected. Was it a miracle, or as Doc Holliday would say later, “Just the luck of the draw?”

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Death Rides a Paint Horse
Dave Broyles
Someone is killing some of the leading citizens of Tombstone. Evidence says the killer could be Johnny Lee Rogers, but Rogers was shot and killed by Buck Chandler…or was he? To make matters worse, Chandler kills the brother of outlaw Raif Collins, who now is intent on avenging his brother’s death. Is Johnny Lee still alive and intent on revenge? Chandler finds it hard to believe, but there are too many witnesses who have seen the mysterious rider on the paint horse, dressed all in black, for it to be an illusion. Between finding this mysterious killer and contending with Raif Collins, Chandler has his hands full. The climax to Death Rides a Paint Horse rivals the shocking ending of Miracle at Tombstone, and the reader can rest assured he will be kept guessing to the very end!

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