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Play Scripts by Dave Broyles
Flat Royalty fee per script-- $25.00--Please make checks payable to New Life Productions (A Ministry of Ceres Christian Church) P. O. Box 187, Ceres, CA  95307.



A Christian’s Carol  $10.00

A modern twist on the classic tale, Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens, A Christian Carol is the story of William Bailey, a cheap, cranky, (and those are his good points), millionaire business man who, through a visit form two whacky but loveable Angels (The Angel of Christmas Past and the Angel of Christmas Present), and one not so loveable (The Ghost of Christmas yet to come), learns the real meaning of Christmas. This play has a lot of humor in it, but also the message of redemption.


The Star Still Shines  $10.00

This Christmas story, is the Christmas Story, but with a lot of literary license. Using the birth of Christ as the central theme, the story is woven around Lydia, who works at the inn where Mary and Joseph stay, Daniel, a crippled shepherd boy with attitude, Benjamin his older brother, a money hungry merchant named Eliezar (with a voice like W. C. Fields), and a Centurion named Cornelius. This is a new take, on the Greatest Story Ever Told.


Then Came Christmas  (Brand new for 2006!) $10.00

Set in modern day Los Angeles, this production is intended to show that the church is often times removed from the needs of those who are less fortunate.  It is the story of a single mother named Angela who is raising two children on her own. A generous and soft hearted Christian, Betty Thompson who is head of the benevolence committee of her church, has the committee adopt Angela and her family for Christmas. This heartwarming saga shows how the church needs to reach out to those who cannot help themselves in order to ‘earn the right’ to share the gospel.




A Light in the Darkness  $10.00

The central theme of Easter and the resurrected Christ is presented in this play from the perspective a little blind girl named Lilia, who sees things better than most. She has a whacky girl friend named Anna and it makes for some humor even in this serious play. Lilia discovers that even an obscure blind girl does not escape the attention of the Master. The surprise ending of this short epic is sure to bless those who see it.


The Power, the Passion, and the Glory  $8.00

The story of Easter in its simplicity


Claudia-The Governor’s Wife  $12.00

She had the wealth and the power of the Roman Empire at her fingertips, but it could not fill the emptiness in her heart. This is the story of one of the most charming, intriguing, and yet mysterious women in Roman history. Truth is mixed with legend in this production, as Claudia, the wife of Pontius Pilate discovers the truth about Jesus Christ.


End Times


For Those Who Remain  $10.00

This production takes a look at what it may be like after the rapture of the Church evacuates believers. Miles Templar and Paul Kessler are life long friends who went to medical school together. They now own a small practice of their own. Miles, a no nonsense, logical thinker is in sharp contrast with Paul who is happy go lucky and sometimes cynical, especially about religion. When the rapture takes place and they are among those who remain, many attempts are made to try and explain the disappearance of people. This play is intended for believer and unbeliever alike.

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